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Blockchain Experiments




11 DAI



39 DAI
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{"ops":[{"insert":"Most of the blockchains were created open and flexible, giving people more ways to come together to create and imagine. \n\nAs a blockchain developer, I will try to push the limits of what’s possible with blockchain on mobile, web and beyond. \n\nMy goal is creating awesome open-source experiences and inspire more coders to start exploring and imagine what could be made with blockchain.\nMy projects always will start small but sure will result from deep collaborations. As what starts small can grow with exposure and impact many more people. \n\nHere it is "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Blockchain Experiments"},{"insert":" a showcase of what’s possible when you bring blockchain into games, DeFi, token economy, music, art, and more. \nA place for developers, companies, and entrepreneurs interested in build novel applications using blockchain.\n\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"How I will use grant funding to provide public goods:"},{"insert":"\n\nI will start with one, just the first experiment to make something impactful for the community.\nImpact here means not only practical. Discovery, joy, and play can also make a difference in people’s and communities lives.\n\nAnd I will also publish a website which will host all these Blockchain Experiments.\n\nThat’s all for now. Glad to start this journey and hope you join me.\n\n\nAnd of course, thank you for considering my grant. \nI really appreciate it.\n"}]}

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