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{"ops":[{"insert":"0 confirmation is a fully bootstrapped project that has sprung out of the renprotocol community. This grant request is to help fund an audit, 100% of what is raised through this grant will go directly into paying for a public audit of the 0confirmation code base.\n\nWe have built a general purpose decentralized messaging and lending protocol that separates underwriting from liquidity which opens up a much larger design space than current lending protocols where the underwriting is done at the protocol level (Maker, Compound, Aave, etc.)\n\nThe first implementation of this protocol is 0cf Swap. It is an app that allows you to swap real bitcoin, directly from an exchange or your hardware wallet, for DAI in only a few minutes, instead of waiting for a full 6 confirmations. It is accomplished by using the yet to be confirmed bitcoin transaction as collateral for a loan from a liquidity pool. The cross chain shift is handled by renVM.\n\nWe are currently live on kovan+BTC testnet and have released our plan for scaled, limited releases on mainnet. 0confirmation is already mostly open sourced (will be fully open for mainnet launch) and once the project proves a level of maturity we will kick off a plan to fully decentralize its management as well.\n\nYou can read more here: "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://medium.com/0confirmation/0confirmation-public-testnet-is-live-d31f312a5fb0"},"insert":"https://medium.com/0confirmation/0confirmation-public-testnet-is-live-d31f312a5fb0"},{"insert":"\nAnd test the app here: "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://swap.0confirmation.com/trade/swap"},"insert":"https://swap.0confirmation.com/trade/swap"},{"insert":"\nCode: https://github.com/0confirmation/0confirmation/tree/master/packages/0confirmation-sdk\nCommunity: https://t.me/zeroconfirmation \n"}]}

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