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GrinSwap - cross chain atomic swaps with Grin


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GrinSwap makes it easy for anyone to trade in and out of Grin trustlessly and without the need for a third party. It makes OTC deals a breeze, it introduces a privacy preserving method for buying and selling Grin, and it improves fungibility and privacy of tokens and assets on the Ethereum network. This is an open source project led by myself @jaspervdm, co-founder of vault713, a team that's behind the grinbox transaction protocol and the popular wallet713 open source project. I'm the creator of the first atomic swaps for [Grin <-> ETH]( and [Grin <-> BTC]( The MVP will be lightweight and minimal - functional for a technical person, but not polished, think command line interface. We'll start with implementing basic swap functionality between Grin and ETH and then expand this to work with ERC-20 tokens in general. Order matching and price discovery will be done manually (bulletin board system) initially.
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