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Gitcoin Grants provides matching funds + monthly subscription for your favorite OSS maintainers, media outlets, and more.

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Gitcoin Grants has facilitated the distribution of $1.1m to community public goods since it's launch in January 2019. See more results.

$200k Round 4 is has now closed.

From 1/6 through 1/21 at 16:59 PST we were matching contributions with quadratic funding. More details here

Gitcoin Grants is the largest pilot for Quadratic Funding around! Want to help fund open source in the 'mathematically optimal' way?

The next CLR Round is tentatively scheduled for March. Want to be involved? Click on the 'be a matching partner' button below.

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rDAI's mission is to provide programmable interest payments to everyone. rDAI is a permissionless token that allows users to re-direct interest …

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GRANTS CLR ROUND 4 is LIVE . Visit Gitcoin Grants to contribute to your project and help grow open source.