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Provide sustainable funding for Open Source with Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants, powered by the EIP 1337 standard , are a fast, easy and secure way to provide recurring token contributions to your favorite OSS maintainers.

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Gitcoin Grants has facilitated the distribution of $358k to Open Source since it's launch in January 2019.
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Planet A

Planet A is a “serious social game” taking place during the Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 and CCCamp 2019 involving as many participants as poss...

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Austin Griffith Ethereum Research and Development

Formerly, as the Director of Research for Gitcoin, Austin created numerous projects that explored the possibilities of Ethereum (including the...

Tasit - mobile Ethereum dapps

The Tasit SDK lets you build a single-purpose native mobile app for any Ethereum dapp using React Native without reinventing the wheel in orde...

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Wallets review is a cryptocurrency wallet review site with an emphasis on attributes (a.k.a. features) versus overall scores. It's not a ran...

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GrinSwap - cross chain atomic swaps with Grin

GrinSwap makes it easy for anyone to trade in and out of Grin trustlessly and without the need for a third party. It makes OTC deals a breeze,...


Kitsune wallet is the new name of Universally Upgradable Identity Proxy, which was initiated during EthParis 2019. Similarly to the nine-taile...

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