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Gitcoin Grants, powered by the EIP 1337 standard , are a fast, easy and secure way to provide recurring token contributions to your favorite OSS maintainers.

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Gitcoin Grants has facilitated the distribution of $388k to Open Source since it's launch in January 2019.
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ZoKrates is a toolbox to enable developers to use zkSNARKs and verify them on a blockchain. Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are an exciting mecha…

Connext Network

Connext is free, open source, p2p micropayment infrastructure, built using payment channels on the Ethereum blockchain. Payment channels are a L…

The Gitcoin Open Source Support Fund

Funds in this grant will be deployed, at Gitcoin's discretion, to support various Ethereum projects in the space. We will post an update each t…

Blockchain Education Network

🙌 Thanks to Coindesk, we are raffling off TWO tickets to #Consensus2019! Donate to BEN by 4/19! Rules 10 DAI = 1 Entry 50 DAI = 5 Entries 100 D…

Tennagraph - Minimum bias ethereum signal aggregator

Tennagraph represents consensus among stakeh…

Implement support for asyncio using

The library provides a wide array of high level APIs for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. Python3 introduced core support for …

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