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Gitcoin Grants has facilitated the distribution of $219k to Open Source since it's launch in January 2019.
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Geon App: Augmented Reality App leveraging POA Core Network

Geon Network Ltd. (“GEON”, “Geon Network”, or “the company”), a leader in Augmented Reality(AR)-enhanced location-based services, has been awa...

ETH-based game(s)

I currently have various ideas for browser-games, like back in the good old days, but I simply do not have the time I need to implement those ...

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Buidler is the first task runner for Ethereum smart contract developers. It unlocks productivity through flexibility, interoperability, and st...

Knockturn Allee - Grin payment processor

Self-hosted Grin payment processor which allows merchants to accept grin payments (and donations in the future). It supports easy integration ...

GrinSwap - cross chain atomic swaps with Grin

GrinSwap makes it easy for anyone to trade in and out of Grin trustlessly and without the need for a third party. It makes OTC deals a breeze,...

TSSKit: Threshold Signature Scheme Toolkit

TSSKit automatically selects the appropriate Threshold Signature Scheme based on a set of options required by the secret sharing needs of each...

2019 March 13 - Gitcoin Grants Round 2 Results are Live Click here to see who the winners are!.