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Gitcoin Grants, powered by the EIP 1337 standard , are a fast, easy and secure way to provide recurring token contributions to your favorite OSS maintainers.

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HOPR - decentralized privacy-preserving messaging protocol

HOPR is a privacy-preserving messaging protocol that incentivizes users to participate in the network. It provides privacy by relaying message...


Kitsune wallet is the new name of Universally Upgradable Identity Proxy, which was initiated during EthParis 2019. Similarly to the nine-taile...

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Gitcoin Sustainability Fund

This is our second in a series of Gitcoin Grant's posted by the internal Gitcoin team ( the other is

Tennagraph - Minimum bias ethereum signal aggregator

Tennagraph represents consensus among stakeholders on EIPs and community issues through the collection of on-chain and off-chain signals. Our ...

POA Network Community Management Grant for Adj

This grant is for community member Adj who will be helping out with the community management issues: * Suggest new directions and ideas for t...

Official ProgPow Technical Audit Funding

The Ethereum Cat Herders were tasked by the Ethereum Core Developers with reviewing and finding an independent party to perform an audit on th...

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