The Gitcoin Program Alpha Round is now live! Donate today.

Gitcoin Program Alpha Round Links (17-31Jan)

The Gitcoin Program Alpha Round is a set of 3 Quadratic Funding grants rounds that will allocate a $1M total matching pool to 200 grantees working on Open Source, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions.

For the full announcement, read Announcing: The Gitcoin Program Alpha Round.

For a full guide on how to donate on our new donation platform, grants explorer, visit Grants Explorer Guide.

Climate Solutions Round

The Climate Solutions Round features 40 climate projects from GR15 that were invited because they received the most support based on the number of unique contributors, and ten bundled use cases for the remaining GR15 projects working in Renewable Energy, Carbon Markets, Verification Infrastructure, Oceans & Forest, Agriculture, Community Engagement, Creative Works, Climate Research, Climate Advocacy & Activism, and Emerging Markets and Indigenous Communities.


Open Source Software Round

The Open Source Software Round features 88 grantees invited based on previous funding criteria from GR14 and GR15 outlined in this governance post. In addition, grants must meet these requirements:

  • Be an open-source project with meaningful Github activity in the prior three months demonstrating work completed towards the project's mission.
  • Primarily focused on developing on top of or advancing the broader Ethereum and/or Web3 industry.


Ethereum Infrastructure Round

The Ethereum Infrastructure Round features 22 grantees who are building in direct support of the Ethereum ecosystem. This includes areas like core client devs, tooling providers, developer education, and those showcasing the power of critical ecosystem ideas. Additionally, grants are open source if they are software related. Similar to the OSS round, grants were invited to apply based on the GR14 and GR15 funding criteria outlined in the governance post linked above.