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Getting Started with Grants

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Fund a Grant

With Gitcoin Grants, you can support exciting projects with a recurring subscription.
Here are some tips for funding a grant:

Know what you’re funding

Read the project’s description thoroughly. What is this project about?
Who’s behind it? Does this bring value to me or the ecosystem?

Contribute with any ERC-20 token

If the grant owner does not specify a required token, you can contribute with any token!
WETH, DAI. It’s up to you.

It’s not just about the money

Have ideas on how to improve the project?
Feel free to chime in on the included GitHub repo! Remember, be kind.

Ready to fund a grant?

Fund a Grant

Have any questions?
Reach out to a Gitcoin Core Team member on Slack

Start a Grant

Gitcoin Grants allows developers like you to get recurring cashflow for working on projects you’re most excited about.
Here are some tips for starting your own grant!

Have a clear project title and description

Some questions to ponder over: How does the project work?
How does it deliver value to the ecosystem?

Supports any ERC-20 token

You can request for a grant with a specific ERC-20 token or leave the choice to your grant supporters!

Introduce yourself or your team

Not every potential funder will know who you are. Let them know who you are, who’s on your team, and why you’re the right person for the project.

Ready to start a grant?

Start a Grant

Have any questions?
Reach out to a Gitcoin Core Team member on Slack


Where can I find more technical information on how Gitcoin Grants works?

Checkout GRANTS.md

I want to implement subscriptions into my own dapp. Where can I do so?

Checkout 1337alliance

Are gitcoin grants only available in eth, is there a way to create multi currency grants?

You can create gitcoin grants in any ERC20 token. Yes, you can create multi currency grants.

I have a question that's not listed here. Where do I ask it?
Who can use Gitcoin Grants?

Right now, while we're in Alpha, only select users can create a grant. In the long term, the plan is for anyone can use Gitcoin grants.

Is Gitcoin Grants free?

Yes, Gitcoin grants is free, although we do deduct a 0.00001% fee from each grant contribution to cover the gas costs of running our subscription subminer.

Where can I see my Grant contribution history?

Go to https://gitcoin.co/grants/profile to see your contribution history.