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Mantle Mash Hackathon


Mantle Mash is a 3-week online hackathon for anyone interested in building on Mantle, a new Ethereum layer-2 network with modular design, low fees, and high security. The total bounty awards for Mantle Mash is $20,000 paid in $BIT.

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Algorand Greenhouse Hack 3


Algorand has partnered with Gitcoin to bring you the first of the Greenhouse Hacks series. Join us for this 4-part bounty series designed to grow new ideas from across the world.

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I think the great thing about Gitcoin is how easy it is for projects to reach out to worldwide talent. Gitcoin helps to find people who have time to contribute and increase speed of project development. Thanks to Gitcoin a bunch of interesting OpenSource projects got my attention!

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