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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

The OpenData Community "DataBuilders" Hackathon

Jan 5, 2023 - Jan 31, 2023

The OpenData Community “Data Builders” Hackathon: 


Jan 5th - Jan 31st


The OpenData Community was started by Gitcoin and grew out of an Open Data hackathon on this platform in October of 2022.  The mission of the OpenData Community is to defend web3 by resisting Sybil attacks and by supporting data decentralization.  


Join us in the OpenData Discord to discuss all things grants, hacks, and more!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Discussions in #๐Ÿ‘พdatabuilder-hackathon-2023

And feel to drop into the rest of the ODC Discord to contribute to the building of the ODC itself!


The DataBuilders Hackathon:


The January 2023 DataBuilders hackathon builds on the success of the October 2022 Open Data Science hackathon, organized by Gitcoin.

Data analysts and data scientists, software developers, and DevRel contributors are all well suited for the different bounties and contests of this hackathon.  

Data scientists may find most interesting the exploratory data analysis of the hackathon.  Software developers might be attracted to the packaging of these insights into Legos and the development of a useful dashboard. DevRel professionals might thrive in contributing answers to FAQs and other materials.  

Across all of the bounties, contestants will be rewarded for their documented use of decentralized data infrastructure and tools, including those listed on the OpenData Community Landscape.  

The Hackathon

We are excited to kick off 2023 with what we are calling a โ€œData Builder Hackathon.โ€ This hackathon will build off of the success of the inaugural hackathon and will continue to leverage the strategic support of Gitcoin. 

There are two primary areas of focus for the OpenData Community - and for this Data Builders Hackathon: 

Fight Sybils, protect web3

In this hackathon, we are encouraging Data Builders to go deeper - and to take on new approaches to protecting web3 from Sybil attacks. 

Much like the inaugural hackathon, contestants are provided with data sets from recent public good grants rounds - namely rounds being run by Unicef and Fantom on the Gitcoin Grants Protocol with assistance from Gitcoin. Contestants will be judged on their ability to perform exploratory data analysis, including the use of machine learning algorithms and statistics to discern suspicious patterns of behavior, and on the breadth of on and off-chain data they analyze. 

In addition, in this hackathon, we have a section that rewards creators of so-called โ€œlegos.โ€ These legos are discrete anti-Sybil scoring algorithms packaged for easy use. Legos can be tied together, with each lego tuned to identify possible Sybils based on a particular signal. There is also a contest to design a dashboard tying together some Legos! 

Resist data recentralization

The Data Builders hackathon will also reward contestants that use and contribute to projects that resist the recentralization at the data layer. These decentralizing solutions will be invited to the OpenData Community to share information about themselves and Data Builder hackathon contestants will be rewarded for their engagement. In particular, contestants can be rewarded for two types of engagement: 

  • Use of the solution in their analysis: In addition to the above criteria, those contestants joining the Fight Sybils sub-competition will receive a bonus if they use decentralized technologies in their analysis. Contestants will be provided with example stacks comprised of distributed data sources, indexing, and analysis solutions. Hackathon sponsors Ocean Protocol for data sharing, Pocket Network - and their network of decentralized nodes, and the decentralized indexing capabilities of TrueBlocks are all examples of decentralized technologies.
  • Contributions to the hackathon and the OpenData Community itself: In this branch of the competition, contestants will be judged based on their contribution to the hackathon & the ODC in the form of FAQs, helpful tips, and other creative approaches.

  • We are here to help. Please dive in and join us as we seek to help defend web3 from the dual threats of Sybil attackers and data centralization.

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