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Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Gitcoin Open Data Science Hackathon

Oct 3, 2022 - Oct 31, 2022

This hackathon event had ended at Oct. 31, 2022, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

A Gitcoin FDD open data science

hackathon to support public goods

Oct 3rd - Oct 31st

Gitcoin DAO has developed a number of practices in operating 15 grant rounds over the last several years that have helped to preserve and grow the funding of public goods.

As Gitcoin transitions to a protocol used by other projects for public goods funding and sybil resistance it is increasingly important to nurture an open data science community to defend public goods funding and the one person, one vote decision making upon which it often rests.

Join us in the Gitcoin Discord to discuss all things grants, hacks, and more!

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OpenData Science Hackathons

Organized by Gitcoin DAO


In October of 2022, Gitcoin and its partners will be hosting and judging a data science hackathon. The hackathon aims to nurture an open data science community to play a crucial role in defending and growing web3 and open approaches to innovation.

Data scientists and analysts will be able to win prizes by contributing useful models and insights. Any organization or individual interested in protecting communities from malicious actors and in funding public goods through funding rounds will find something valuable in this hackathons and the broader open data science community. 


Multiple sub-contests and challenges will be launched on October 3rd. To register and to learn more please visit: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/datascience/onboard.  

There are three main parts to the hackathon:

  • Sybil Slayers: Fighting identity fraud - anti-Sybil defense
  • Help defend one person, one vote approaches to decision making in this data science hackathon.  
  • Access training data provided by Gitcoin and compete on the accuracy of your predictions and the value of the datasets you share - i.e. the transformations on the on-chain data you have prepared and used in your data science.
  • $10,000 in prizes will be split amongst the top finishers


  • Human Hackers: Human in the loop incentive analysis
  • Gitcoin relies on a community of analysts who review grant recipients to ensure that they pass all criteria to receive funding.
  • In this hackathon, a rich data set derived from an ongoing experiment into the impact of different incentives will be provided and results will be judged based on the value of the insights derived.  
  • $7,500 in prizes will be split amongst the top finishers.  

  • Dune Detectives: a Dune dashboard analysis hackathon
  • The Gitcoin community and DAO utilizes Dune dashboards for a variety of purposes, including the operation of grant rounds.
  • As Gitcoin grant rounds in the future will be increasingly led by organizations other than the Gitcoin DAO, such tools must be embraced and improved upon.
  • Submissions will be judged based on the usefulness and novelty of the Dune dashboard created and the data provided. Users will have access to all of the data used by Gitcoin to operate grant rounds and will also be able to utilize other data sources. Winners will share $1,750 in prizes.  

Help form an Open Data Science Community:

We are optimistic that the Open Data Science hackathon can act as a catalyst for an Open Data Science Community.

One sign that an active community could be useful is that a lot of work amongst web3-focused data analysts and scientists is often replicated. We do not yet have a trusted and shared consensus on a method to share our data and transformations, or to highlight the most useful tools needed for specific use cases. 

One promising development is that there are already a variety of start-ups starting to use web3 primitives to provide an immutable lineage of data and data transformations. Some products that the team at Gitcoin has been interested in include that of Kamu, Data Union DAO, and a still reasonably stealthy team likely to be called DataSpheres. The systems that Flipside Crypto, Nansen, Messari, and others use for analysis are interesting as well.

While Gitcoin’s particular focus may be enabling the funding of public goods, through data analysis that decreases the impact of Sybils and improves the operation of funding rounds, we anticipate that a variety of other emergent use cases will motivate additional members. These may range from DeFi consumer and institutional use cases to climate and other DeSci efforts, and more.

We have the beginnings of an open data community plan, which will be reviewed and improved upon by members of this broader community. Some of these members include prominent identity solution providers such as BrightID, Orange Protocol, and Otterspace. Friends at Ceramic, Optimism, Dune and others such as the popular TrueBlocks will be asked to help with this review as well.  

If you’re also interested in helping the Open Data (Science) Community, please get in touch! 

Raise your hand on the #FDD-Hackathon channel of the Gitcoin Discord; you can look for any of the Gitcoin contributors, including @epowell101.

Our first steps might be additional Twitter Space discussions, perhaps a shared whitepaper, and some outline of a governance structure.

Your help and insights are valuable and needed, and can help us all to build a more decentralized and intelligent world. 

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