Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Open Web Community Hackathon

May 14, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021

Creators & Communities Unite! 

Hello citizens of the open web πŸ‘‹ we’re excited to announce the inaugural Open Web Community Conference and Hackathon in May 2021! 

// Open Web Community Con:  Join us on Fri May 14th for a 1-day open web, protocol agnostic conference that will focus on the technologies and trends at the intersection of the creators and communities space.  

NFTs, Social Tokens and DAOs are much better together, that’s why we are uniting the leading thinkers and builders in these spaces together under the same virtual umbrella to see what they come up with 🀩 

// Open Web Community Hack: The dream team behind Hack the Rainbow has come together again, this time with additional support and love πŸ’• from Gitcoin, SeedClub, Metagov, Dystopia Labs and Createbase to create a unique collaborative opportunity for all BUIDLers in NEARverse and the wider open web universe …

We truly believe that NEAR is a perfect home for Creators and Communities. Some of the most legit OG builders of NFTs, DAOs and Social Tokens have chosen NEAR as their new home base, but no one has mastered the art of The NEAR Way better than JeDAO Master James Young:

β€œAbridged is excited to announce that Collab.Land is building on NEAR. We choose NEAR because their account system facilitates a seamless and easy user onboarding experience without compromising the values of decentralization. No other blockchain has the ability to unleash viral mechanics like NEAR.” 

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