Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Reserve Protocol Launch Hackathon

Oct 25, 2022 - Dec 13, 2022


πŸ—“ October 25 – December 6, 2022

Reserve’s mission is to help people around the world fight inflation, and we do this by building tools for people to create and use stable currencies globally. Alongside the official launch of our protocol, we are thrilled to partner with Gitcoin to bring you our exclusive 6-week Reserve Protocol Launch Hackathon. We invite all defi developers, engineers, creatives and enthusiasts to join us to learn how to use our platform, create stable currencies, and push the boundaries of financial innovation.


Our long term vision is a world in which the world reserve currency is not pegged to any one fiat currency, but is instead stable, decentralized, and inflation-resistant. This hackathon will be the first step in that journey.

Our protocol will enable anyone to create a new fully collateralized, insured, and yield bearing stablecoin backed by a basket of yield generating assets. While we do not know what the optimal basket for an asset backed currency looks like, we see permissionless competition leading to the best outcomes. Come participate, build on our platform, and shape the future of asset backed currencies.


  1. Looking to join a team or find team members? πŸ‘‹ Start here.
  2. Check out the prizes in the bounty explorer when the hackathon goes live
  3. Sign up for the hackathon by clicking β€˜Join Now’ at the top of this page
  4. Join our Discord Server and connect with other builders
  5. Participate in workshops and AMAs/office hours to learn more about the protocol
  6. BUIDL!
  7. Submit your work via Gitcoin


*Dates and times are tentative and subject to change
*All workshops and AMAs will take place on Airmeet and will be streaming on Gitcoin's Youtube channel.

  • October 10: Reserve Protocol Launch Event in Bogota
  • October 20: Workshop 1 - Protocol Overview @ 9:00 AM PST (Video)
  • October 21: Workshop 2 - Setting up Reserve Dev Environment @ 9:00 AM PST (Video)
  • October 24: Workshop 3 - Smart Contract Walk-through @ 9:00 AM PST (Video)
  • October 25: Hackathon Begins
  • December 6: Hackathon Ends
  • January 1, 2023: Winners announced & prize money paid


The Reserve engineering team will host regular AMAs to connect with builders and answer any questions

  • Week of October 25: 2x AMAs per week
  • Remaining 5 weeks: AMAs 1x per week


We are planning to devote $250k for prize money for the categories we have listed below.


  • The Reserve Protocol Launch Hackathon will commence on October 25, 2022
  • All projects must be submitted by December 6, 2022
  • Judges will evaluate project submissions over three weeks and prizes will be awarded by January 1, 2023


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