Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

The SkyDB Debut

Nov 2, 2020 - Nov 24, 2020

This hackathon event had ended at Nov. 24, 2020, 7:59 a.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

The SkyDB Debut

November 2nd - November 23rd, 2020

SkyDB is for any developer, without blockchain knowledge

SkyDB is here to allow developers with no blockchain experience to be able to deploy apps using decentralized storage. If you can build on Azure or AWS, you can build on SkyDB, the latest ground breaking feature released for Skynet!

Don’t believe it? We’re putting up nearly $10,000 in bounties to prove it.

The new updates which make using SkyDB simple for any developer to us, open the door to creating full featured applications that compete with centralized applications like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Recent shows like the Social Dilemma have exposed to the mainstream what we already knew - that social networks, like most centralized platforms, are sharks that will sell your data and manipulate you to turn a profit. SkyDB, with both accounts and static Skylinks, means that the time to disrupt these platforms - and do so much more - is now.

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The hackathon

We're launching a brand new Skynet hackathon to go along with SkyDB. SkyDB changes the game in terms of what can be built on Skynet. The event starts November 2, 2020, lasting three weeks and ending on November 23, 2020.

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Sia/Skynet Discord: https://discord.gg/sia

Use Skynet: https://siasky.net/

Skynet Overview: https://blog.sia.tech/skynet-the-future-of-nebulous-c9922eb53456

Introduction to Skynet SDKs: https://blog.sia.tech/the-skynet-sdks-751b35578b20

Skynet SDK Docs: https://nebulouslabs.github.io/skynet-docs/

Sia/Skynet Workshops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7i4ZVdTZFs&list=PLPv00ttW4uXMR0NAGqoc5PDTMeTODW3pS

Explore apps built on Skynet: https://siasky.net/hns/skyapps/

SkyDB Announcement: https://blog.sia.tech/skydb-a-mutable-database-for-the-decentralized-web-7170beeaa985

SkyDB App Tutorial: https://blog.sia.tech/skydb-example-a-note-to-self-app-ccd4e7ba31ba

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