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Bridge the Gap - Sperax Hackathon

Aug 17, 2021 - Sep 14, 2021

This hackathon event had ended at Sept. 14, 2021, 11:59 p.m., please check the ongoing hackathons.

Bridge the Gap with Sperax Hackathon

August 17 - September 14, 2021

Make sure to join the Sperax Discord!

Prizes: 3 x $10,000 USDT (option to combine with Sperax governance token SPA) to three winners

About Sperax

Since 2019, Sperax has built a novel erc20 stablecoin, $USDs, and a community-mining mobile app called Sperax Play. Our intuitive financial applications will attract everyday users to Sperax, bridging the gap for the global community to use DeFi with a goal to onboard one million users with a smooth UI on Sperax Play.

  • USDs: a pioneer hybrid stablecoin with stable yield. 
  • SPA: our governance token used to mint USDs
  • Sperax Play: 550K active users from 87 countries and 803K total downloads so far, planning design for seamless interaction with USDs, DeFi, and NFT marketplace.

The Challenge

Bridge the Gap is a month-long hackathon aimed to strengthen the Sperax ecosystem. Developers will audit the $USDs smart contract for a bug bounty, analyze our whitepaper, and work to build creative, innovative, and connective applications for Sperax Play that keep users engaged with the app. The hackathon constitutes three pillars, with respective rewards.

1 - $7,000: Identify any significant leaks in the $USDs smart contracts or $USDs design that may result in the loss of protocol owned funds. The bounty reward may be shared among 3 qualified submissions in which significant leaks are exposed. For submissions regarding the same leak, only the first submission will be considered. 


2 - $2,000: Identify any issues in the implementation of Sperax USD (i.e. identify the gap between USDs smart contract and USDs whitepaper). Or, make high-quality suggestions on USDs smart contract’s infrastructures, layout, styles etc. to improve USDs smart contracts’ security and scalability. The bounty reward may be shared between 2 qualified submissions.

Note: the code provided is still a demo version so we suggest participants to focus on major incorrectness not the minor ones.

3 - $1,000: Expand opportunities to use Sperax USDs Incentivize Sperax USD usage for payment methods, rewards, or gaming by designing applications or bridges for USDs savings accounts, integration of USDs to DeFi protocols, and as a payment method on NFT marketplaces. 

Join the Sperax discord and telegram to stay connected with the community, we plan to host Q&A’s once the hackathon is underway!


  • The hackathon starts on August 17th, 2021 and will end on September 14th, 2021
  • For challenge 1 and 2, the smart contract provided is a demo version. We suggest that participants not focus on minor details when examining the code.
  • Community managers will reach out to participants and winners to ask to participate in developer surveys and interviews. 
  • Each participant must register in order to be considered as part of a team. 
  • The projects have to be built and developed during the hackathon
  • Sperax will not own the projects. Projects will have open source licence and will be publicly available and accessible, by the judges and whomever might be interested, on Gitcoin.

Upcoming Materials:

In the course of the hackathon, Sperax will provide additional materials. Please stay tuned.

  • smart contract documentations
  • deployed smart contract on testnet
  • smart contract infrastructure diagram

Final delivery will include:

  • For challenges 1 and 2: 
  • detailed description of exploit/hack found and how the bug would be attacked
  • design related bugs and a detailed proposal on how to fix it
  • smart contract related bugs: bug-free version of the contract 

  • For challenge 3:
  • functional front end or front end design
  • video demo
  • presentation of the project (PDF, Google Slides, Powerpoint, etc)
  • working link to a Github repository containing the code, team members, presentations, demo and documentation

Judging Criteria:

  • Innovation - does the application offer innovative growth for the Sperax community?
  • Added Value - does the project add sticky value to stablecoin, application, or tokenomic function and usage?
  • Completeness - does the project follow delivery guidelines?
**Please bring all your questions to the Sperax discord**

Join us in the Virtual Events category of the Gitcoin Discord to discuss and shill your projects and get support!
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