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Witnet Incentive Program: Bug Bounty

Sep 15, 2020 - Jan 12, 2021

Witnet Incentive Program: Bug Bounty πŸ›

September 14th to January 12th

Up to $10k in DAI rewards if you submit before 7th October 2020.
Join the #Bug-Bounty channel in the Witnet Discord to ask questions and find help.

❓ What is Witnet?

Witnet is a decentralized oracle network (DON) that connects smart contracts to the real, off-chain world. Broadly speaking, using a network of permissionless decentralized nodes around the world, it allows any piece of software to retrieve information published at any web address at any point in time, with complete and verifiable proof of the information's integrity, without blindly trusting any third party.   

🎁 Witnet Incentive Program

The Witnet community is making the move to Mainnet in October 2020! In order to make this transition a success, the Witnet Incentive Program has been launched, with 25 million WIT tokens and 30,000 $DAI up grabs for participants. To sign up, or to find out more details on the program, please visit β†’

As part of the Witnet Incentive Program, the Witnet Foundation has allocated up to 30,000 $DAI to hackers and bug-hunters, which we are now opening to the Gitcoin community. The Witnet community appreciates your assistance in exposing and fixing vulnerabilities that will ensure the Witnet Protocol is robust and secure. 


πŸ€‘ Rewards and Judging Process βš–️

⏰Submit before 7th October 2020 and your bug may be applicable for a reward multiplier, as specified below.

Generally speaking, any submission that poses a significant vulnerability, either to the soundness of protocol and protocol/implementation compliance to network security, to classical client security as well as security of cryptographic primitives, could be eligible for a reward. 

The Witnet Foundation will take into account:

  • Depth and scope of research from the Bug Hunter
  • The quality of Analysis
  • The risk category (ultimately decided by the Witnet Foundation)
  • Ease at which the Witnet Foundation is able to recreate the issue

Category -=- Maximum Reward (in DAI)

Critical -=- Up to $10000

High -=- Up to $3000

Medium -=- Up to $1300

Low -=- Up to $400

πŸ”Ž Resources

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦β€Community info: 

Telegram β†’ 

Discord β†’ 

Twitter β†’

πŸ’―General info: 

Witnet Overview β†’ 

Witnet Whitepaper β†’ 

Witnet Must-Read Digest β†’ 

Run a Node β†’ 

Witnet YouTube β†’ 

Quick tutorial on creating a price feed contract β†’ 

Intro to the Ethereum<>Witnet bridge β†’ 

πŸ’―Technical info:

witnet-rust GitHub repo* β†’ 

Witnet Node* β†’ 

RADON* (Witnet's DSL) library β†’ 

Wallet β†’ 

P2P modules β†’ 

Validations β†’ 

Buffer schemas β†’ 

Witnet Truffle Box* β†’ 

Repo with price feed ready to compile and migrate β†’  

* These are priorities for this program. Bugs or vulnerabilities which threaten the security of funds for the node operators or data requestors will be rewarded the most generously.

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