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12 Days of Hacxmas


Leading up to the holidays we are hosting our last open hackathon of the year on Gitcoin.co! Join the festivities and celebrate with us another year of buidling.

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Ubeswap Destiny Hackathon


Join us as Ubeswap evolves to reach its destiny of full community control! The endgame of complete decentralization is near. Unite with other Great Ape minds at the Ubeswap Discord discussion table and share in the purple potato feast!

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A hackathon for cross-chain connected applications. This hackathon is the perfect place to experiment with Connected Contracts approaches to your DApps, with guidance and mentorship from protocol experts.

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Our first Creator Monetization Hackathon — invites you to experiment and innovate with ideas that will allow creators in the Solana NFT space to earn royalties or identify alternative monetization models.

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Reserve’s mission is to help people around the world fight inflation, and we do this by building tools for people to create and use stable currencies globally.

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I think the great thing about Gitcoin is how easy it is for projects to reach out to worldwide talent. Gitcoin helps to find people who have time to contribute and increase speed of project development. Thanks to Gitcoin a bunch of interesting OpenSource projects got my attention!

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