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Check out the Gitcoin Repo Maintainer guide

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I am a developer, I want build more Open Source Software. Where can I start?
I am a repo maintainer. How do I get started?
What tokens does Gitcoin support?
What kind of issues are fundable?
Whats the difference between tips & funded issues?
What kind of contributors are successful on the Gitcoin network?
I received a notification about tip / funded issue, but I can't process it. Help!


Is Gitcoin open source?
Is a token distribution event planned for Gitcoin?
What is the difference between Gitcoin and Gitcoin Core?
Who is the team at Gitcoin Core?
What is the mission of Gitcoin Core?
How can I stay in touch with project updates?


What is the difference between Gitcoin and centralized hiring websites?
Why do I need metamask?
Why do I need to pay gas?
What are the advanages of Ethereum based applications?
I still dont get it. Help!

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