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How it Works - Funder

create issue
create issue
Create Issue
Create an issue on GitHub.
fund on gitcoin
fund on gitcoin
Fund on Gitcoin
Decide on a project type, permissions and complete the Fund Issue form.
start work
start work
Start Work
A contributor will click Start Work and complete a short express interest form.
wait for mail
wait for mail
Keep an eye out for an email with a Work Started or Request to Work notice Approve the request via the email notification.
review work
review work
Review Work
Once work has been completed the contributor will submit a PR for review.
paying the bounty
Paying the Bounty
Depending on the project type, payment can be made to one contributor or to multiple contributors at one time.
accept work
accept work
Accept Submission
Upon completion use the accept submission button on the issue details page to release funds!

Things to Note

approve work
Funders Choose Workers
The funder reserves the right to accept or deny a worker in order to find the best fit for the project.
iterate work
Iteration is Key
Expect a few rounds of revisions to complete the project.
start work
Be on Time
Work that has not been completed and is past the expiration date is considered expired.
expired work
Cancel Anytime
A project can be cancelled by a bounty funder. The funds will then be reclaimed by the bounty owner.

Project Types

Gitcoin supports 3 flexible ways to set up a project to ensure the best results.

Traditional Project


Good For

Sourcing ideas, creative, searching for the best ways to solve a problem, bug hunt.

What to Know

A traditional project can be set up for contributors to be able to start work immediately without approval or can be set up as approval required.

Approve workers via a Request to Work email notfication.


Cooperative Project


Good For

Large projects (broken up into parts), augmenting team skillsets

What to Know

When funding a cooperative bounty, provide guidance on how the project can be broken up to allow additional contributors smooth onboarding.

The amount paid for a cooperative bounty is at the discretion of the funder. Please make sure you over-communicate your budget/intent to the bounty hunter -- It helps avoid misunderstandings in the future!


Contest Project


Good For

Sourcing ideas, creative, searching for the best ways to solve a problem, bug hunt.

What to Know

Be clear on the type of contest and how many winners will be provided a bounty.

The funder resrves the right to pay only one or more than one contributor for the contest at their discretion. This depends on the type of contest listed and the number of winners alloted.


Project Permissions

Gitcoin supports 2 types of permissions to allow flexibility for each project.

Permissions - Approval Required permissioned

A Permissions based project ensures that the contributor has necessary skillsets to complete the task. Contributors will request to work on a project by clicking start work to express interest. A short summary of a work approach will also be provided in the start work form.

What to Know

Gitcoin will send you an email notification when a worker has expressed interest.

The repo owner/funder has the right to approve or deny any request to work.

A funder may override the auto approve setting. In this case, workers will not be automatically approved after 72 hours.

Permissionless - No Approval Required permissionless

A permissionless project allows a contributor to begin work without permission or approval from the project owner. It is suggested that an approach and questions be raised prior the start of the project to ensure mutual understanding or the way forward.

What to Know

Although approval is not required to begin working on the project, ensure that the goals in the issue description are clear.


Gitcoin supports 2 ways to make payments to support the flexibility of each project.

Basic Payout (single-party)

This feature allows a funder to easily pay one person for the work completed. This is typically used for the traditional project type.

Advanced Payout (multi-party)

Multi-party payout allows multiple people to be paid at one time. This can be used for cooperative or contest project types.

Read more about this feature here.



Sometimes disagreements occur, here are a some tips on how to handle them.

What to Know

Disputes very rarely occur given that we are mission driven in open source.

It’s natural for some scope to be misunderstood or not fully laid out -- so we shouldn't feel bad about that. software development is naturally iterative.

Plan for a extra tipping budget for after the fact, if there is extra scope.

Sometimes it just doesnt work out and we need to go our seperate ways. Leave a tip for the bounty hunter for any value that was provided towards the end scope and re-bounty the task.

As always feel free to contact the Gitcoin core team on slack with any questions.