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Kudos is a new way to show
appreciation and build relationships.

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What is Kudos?

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1 week, 6 days ago

Impossible Hexagone

This Kudos for those who like impossible shapes

New kudos
2 weeks, 2 days ago

Terra Astronaut 1

This kudos is for hackers working on Terra prizes and quests!

New kudos
2 weeks, 5 days ago

Devcon Quest Metamask

You spin up DAPPS with Metamask on the weekend, just for fun

New kudos
2 weeks, 6 days ago


Hello! This is a special kudos just for you for participating in Raiden's prizes on the Protect Your Privacy hackathon!

New kudos
3 weeks ago

Gitcoin - Ethereal Blocks

Ethereal Blocks - Sponsor Kudos


Gitcoin has partnered with Cellarius Universe to create original collectible badges that feature Cellarius Art style.

Cellarius is an original transmedia cyberpunk franchise that leverages blockchain technology and user-generated assets to createa a collaborative, fan-curated story.

In essence, the Cellarius Universe is a future-oriented mythology. It is also a collective storytelling project whose content and contours will be shaped by its community.

Cellarius straddles the familiar cyberpunk themes of a dystopian and troubled future while maintaining a more optimistic outlook on humanity’s destiny and place in the cosmos.


Octavian Todiruț

I am a long time graphic designer, art director and product designer. A fancy way of saying "I am moving the mouse or pencil around, playing with shapes and colors." I like getting lost in everything art, photography, design and architecture and their history. When I don't do any of the above, I walk, travel or sometimes play a game.

kudos hexagon

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How Do I Get One?

Kudos can be gifted to you by any other Gitcoin member. You can also purchase Kudos through the marketplace and send it to any other Gitcoin user. When you send a Kudos, they receive an email notification. After they accept the Kudos, it will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to its recipient.

how to get Kudos
ERC 721


ERC-721 is a standard developed by the Ethereum Foundation that can be used to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's). The most well known example of this is Cryptokitties, but there are many other examples. This project is Gitcoin's foray into the world of NFT's, and we named it after something that's our favorite part of working together - Kudos. Want to integrate this ERC 721 into your Dapp? Click Here


Kudos is a new usage of Non-Fungible tokens... Why did you make it?

It's a common practice for on-site teams to be able to celebrate the work they've done together after shipping. We wanted to create a similar experience for distributed, open-source, teams to celebrate their wins and to celebrate each other.

Kudos is a way to celebrate the relationships that have been built. Kudos is meant to bootstrap reputation on Gitcoin.

This seems like a good compliment for the extrinsic motivation provided by Gitcoin bounties.

How very astute of you to notice that.

How are Kudos minted?

To mint a new kudos, follow these steps.

  1. Post an idea to https://github.com/gitcoinco/kudosbadges/issues/new
  2. Get it prioritized with Mladen, our designer
  3. We run a script which will create the ERC721

If & once the demand for kudos increases, we would like to create a decentralized marketplace where Artists can make a living by creating new Kudos art. The above minting process is a stopgap.

Why would I want to send a compliment to a coworker?

Great question. Because

  1. they're a product wizard
  2. they're a hero
  3. they've got heart
  4. they're a builder of a better world

and they need to know it.

Who earns money when a new Kudos is created?

When a new Kudos is created, the ETH sent during that minting process is directly sent to the illustrator who created the Kudos artwork. In some cases, Gitcoin may also take a 10% fee to help keep the lights on.

How is Kudos' privacy managed?

When you send a kudos, you are making an attestation about an attribute of the person who controls a web3 address.

Technically speaking, the attestation is an Ethereum transaction of a non-fungible token (NFT) being sent from a sender to a receiver

When you send a kudos through the Gitcoin UI, you are sending the NFT to a secure proxy web3 address.

The recipient can decide to accept it or reject it.

For convenience, the recipient may elect to automatically accept Kudos in the future to forego the acceptance process.

When moon?

We made this kudos just for you!

Can I send a kudos to myself?

Kudos is governed by two things:

1. The state & functionality of the smart contract.

2. Social norms.

By virtue of the state & functionality of the smart contract (1), you can absolutely send a Kudos to yourself. Just like you can stand in front of a group of people and publicly compliment yourself.

By virtue of social norms (2), you might think twice.

I want to add Kudos to my site. How can I do that?

Kudos is a decentralized smart contract that any dapp can leverage on the same terms as Gitcoin Core. For more information, checkout get in touch over at https://github.com/OpenKudos/ or email founders@gitcoin.co

Whats your favorite kudos on the site rn?
Whose beautiful voice is that on the Kudos Marketing Video?

The voice on the Kudos Marketing Video is @coderberry AKA "emceee booming barotone". He loves it if you tweet at him and say hi!

I have a technical question about Kudos.

Checkout this Technical FAQ, and also checkout the smart contract.

I am an artist and I want to create a kudos, can I?

Kudos are a recurring revenue stream for artists. Anyone can create a kudos! To create a new kudos, click here and follow the instructions.

I am not an artist and I want to a kudos created. Can you help!?
I have another question and it's not listed here.