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157 Kudos available on mainnet
dai 0.001 ETH
meme_warrior 0.01 ETH
Meme Warrior
mythx_beta_champs_kudos 0.1 ETH
MythX Beta Champs
oracle 0.01 ETH
beyond_blockchain_relay_kudos 0.02 ETH
Beyond Blockchain Relay Kudos
i_want_you_to_build_on_eth 0.02 ETH
I Want You To Build On Eth
magneto_bot 0.02 ETH
Magneto Bot
mythx_platform 0.03 ETH
Mythx Platform
nights_watcher 0.02 ETH
Nights Watcher
hummingbird 0.02 ETH
app_alliance 0.02 ETH
App Alliance
meeseeks_bot 0.02 ETH
Meeseeks Bot
love_bot 0.02 ETH
Love Bot
MythX 0.02 ETH
ambo_launch_kudos 0.001 ETH
Ambo Launch Kudos
microsoft 0.02 ETH
lets_play_some_music 0.01 ETH
Lets Play Some Music
think_outside_the_box 0.01 ETH
Think Outside The Box
click_bot 0.022 ETH
Click Bot
strong_man_bot 0.022 ETH
Strong Man Bot
green_monster_bot 0.022 ETH
Green Monster Bot
bane_bot 0.022 ETH
Bane Bot
shepherd 0.02 ETH
master_bot 0.022 ETH
Master Bot
wookie_bot 0.022 ETH
Wookie Bot
animal_bot 0.022 ETH
Animal Bot
walkman 0.022 ETH
trooper_bot 0.022 ETH
Trooper Bot
tetris 0.022 ETH
bug_terminator_bot 0.022 ETH
Bug Terminator Bot
technology 0.022 ETH
super_plumber_bot 0.022 ETH
Super Plumber Bot
under_the_sea_bot 0.022 ETH
Under The Sea Bot
hedgehog_bot 0.022 ETH
Hedgehog Bot
solitare 0.022 ETH
professor_bot 0.022 ETH
Professor Bot
narwhal_bot 0.022 ETH
Narwhal Bot
minesweeper 0.022 ETH
wizard_bot 0.022 ETH
Wizard Bot
duck_hunter_bot 0.022 ETH
Duck Hunter Bot
blockbuster 0.022 ETH
big_bot 0.022 ETH
Big Bot
proactive 0.01 ETH
trek_bot 0.022 ETH
Trek Bot
c3po_bot 0.022 ETH
C3po Bot
spider_bot 0.022 ETH
Spider Bot
loki_bot 0.022 ETH
Loki Bot
hello_kitty_bot 0.022 ETH
Hello Kitty Bot
batman_bot 0.022 ETH
Batman Bot
first_grant_funded 0.05 ETH
First Grant Funded
philosoraptor 0.02 ETH
joe_ken 0.3 ETH
Joe Ken
psf_supporter 0.001 ETH
Psf Supporter
logical_spock 0.05 ETH
Logical Spock
captain 0.05 ETH
trekkie_bot 0.025 ETH
Trekkie Bot
shape_shift_ethdenver_2019 0.1 ETH
Shape Shift Ethdenver 2019
ncc_ethdenver_2019 0.1 ETH
Ncc Ethdenver 2019
livestreamer 0.1 ETH
consensys_2_0 0.01 ETH
Consensys 2.0
liberal_radical 0.1 ETH
Liberal Radical
rockstar 0.01 ETH
heart_bot 0.022 ETH
Heart Bot
v_bot 0.022 ETH
V Bot
bat_bot 0.022 ETH
Bat Bot
super_bot 0.022 ETH
Super Bot
saber_bot 0.022 ETH
Saber Bot
r2_d2_bot 0.022 ETH
R2 D2 Bot
pika_bot 0.022 ETH
Pika Bot
obi_wan_bot 0.022 ETH
Obi Wan Bot
bufficorn_bot 0.022 ETH
Bufficorn Bot
bender 0.022 ETH
bat_bot 0.022 ETH
Bat Bot
bufficorn_christmas 0.02 ETH
Bufficorn Christmas
carlos_matos 0.006 ETH
Carlos Matos
christmas_creator 0.004 ETH
Christmas Creator
polyglot_programmer 0.004 ETH
Polyglot Programmer
top_three_leaderboard 0.018 ETH
Top Three Leaderboard
top_leaderboard 0.03 ETH
Top Leaderboard
top_five_leaderboard 0.014 ETH
Top Five Leaderboard
top_four_leaderboard 0.016 ETH
Top Four Leaderboard
top_two_leaderboard 0.02 ETH
Top Two Leaderboard
helpotron 0.006 ETH
ether_gun 0.008 ETH
Ether Gun
twitter_follower__thanksgiving_turkey_2018 0.02 ETH
Twitter Follower Thanksgiving Turkey 2018
gitcoin_ambassador 0.2 ETH
Gitcoin Ambassador
augment 0.006 ETH
cypherpunk_mind 0.01 ETH
Cypherpunk Mind
resilience 0.008 ETH
mentor 0.004 ETH
octo_kitteh 0.004 ETH
Octo Kitteh
pragmatic 0.004 ETH
ipfs 0.004 ETH
give_first 0.004 ETH
Give First
firedog 0.004 ETH
creative_cat 0.004 ETH
Creative Cat
i_was_told_there_would_be_lambos 0.002 ETH
I Was Told There Would Be Lambos
attaboy 0.002 ETH
web3_advocate 0.003 ETH
Web3 Advocate
shillin_like_a_villian 0.002 ETH
Shillin Like A Villian
magical_unicorn 0.004 ETH
Magical Unicorn
foundation 0.2 ETH
creative 0.3 ETH
infinite_energy 0.3 ETH
Infinite Energy
heart 0.4 ETH
diamond 0.4 ETH
impossible_object 0.2 ETH
Impossible Object
burst_of_energy 0.3 ETH
Burst Of Energy
trusted_contributor 0.2 ETH
Trusted Contributor
oddjobs 0.2 ETH
lightning_fast 0.2 ETH
Lightning Fast
bug_finder 0.3 ETH
Bug Finder
bug_eliminator 0.3 ETH
Bug Eliminator
backend_architect 0.2 ETH
Backend Architect
fast_response 0.004 ETH
Fast Response
philosophers_stone 0.004 ETH
Philosophers Stone
gitcoin_tree 0.004 ETH
Gitcoin Tree
out_of_this_world_programmer 0.004 ETH
Out Of This World Programmer
freedom 0.004 ETH
blockchain_engineer 0.01 ETH
Blockchain Engineer
tools 0.002 ETH
sunburst 0.006 ETH
vitalik_genesis 0.2 ETH
Vitalik Genesis
heros_honour 0.008 ETH
Heros Honour
mana_from_heavens 0.004 ETH
Mana From Heavens
direct 0.004 ETH
release_early_and_often 0.004 ETH
Release Early And Often
party_robot 0.004 ETH
Party Robot
powertool_user 0.004 ETH
Powertool User
focus 0.004 ETH
freedom 0.006 ETH
struck_oil 0.004 ETH
Struck Oil
craftsman 0.004 ETH
gitcoin_sustainer 0.02 ETH
Gitcoin Sustainer
to_the_moon 0.004 ETH
To The Moon
product_wizard 0.004 ETH
Product Wizard
go_developer 0.004 ETH
Go Developer
bee_of_all_trades 0.004 ETH
Bee Of All Trades
eye_for_detail 0.004 ETH
Eye For Detail
html_celebrity 0.004 ETH
Html Celebrity
react_reactor 0.006 ETH
React Reactor
arts_and_farts 0.004 ETH
Arts And Farts
delegation_machine 0.01 ETH
Delegation Machine
fast_turn_around 0.004 ETH
Fast Turn Around
navigator 0.008 ETH
grow_open_source 0.004 ETH
Grow Open Source
relase_early_and_often 0.004 ETH
Relase Early And Often
cleanest_code 0.004 ETH
Cleanest Code
c_sharp_programmer 0.004 ETH
C Sharp Programmer
open_source_freedom_fighter 0.004 ETH
Open Source Freedom Fighter
unix_philosophy 0.004 ETH
Unix Philosophy
collaboration_machine 0.004 ETH
Collaboration Machine
jquery_fixer 0.004 ETH
Jquery Fixer
infrastructure_ninja 0.004 ETH
Infrastructure Ninja
linux_wizard 0.006 ETH
Linux Wizard
swarm_expert 0.5 ETH
Swarm Expert
swarm_developer 0.1 ETH
Swarm Developer