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Grow Open Source
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62 Kudos available on mainnet
limited_edition_samurai1_bot 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Samurai1 Bot
limited_edition_kaiju_vs_bot2 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Kaiju Vs Bot2
limited_edition_kaiju_fighting_bot 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Kaiju Fighting Bot
limited_edition_gitcoin-renaissant 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Gitcoin-renaissant
limited_edition_ridin-kaiju-over-osaka 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Ridin-kaiju-over-osaka
limited_edition_gaiju-astrobot 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Gaiju-astrobot
limited_edition_divine-vs-kaiju 0.005 ETH
Limited Edition Divine-vs-kaiju
airswap_-_ethereal_blocks 0.001 ETH
Airswap - Ethereal Blocks
grants_round_3_contributor_-_samurai_bot 0.03 ETH
Grants Round 3 Contributor - Samurai Bot
dai 0.001 ETH
unicef_sustainer 0.001 ETH
Unicef Sustainer
beyond_blockchain_relay_kudos 0.02 ETH
Beyond Blockchain Relay Kudos
beyond_blockchain 0.002 ETH
Beyond Blockchain
beyond_blockchain_submission 0.002 ETH
Beyond Blockchain Submission
portis_badge 0.002 ETH
Portis Badge
beyond_blockchain_winners 0.002 ETH
Beyond Blockchain Winners
raiden_network 0.002 ETH
Raiden Network
bdfl 0.01 ETH
web_assembly_dev 0.015 ETH
Web Assembly Dev
artificial_intelligence 0.04 ETH
Artificial Intelligence
bullba_bot 0.02 ETH
Bullba Bot
tetris 0.022 ETH
solitare 0.022 ETH
master_at_arms 0.001 ETH
Master At Arms
deadly_coder 0.04 ETH
Deadly Coder
natural_coder 0.04 ETH
Natural Coder
network_security_god 0.04 ETH
Network Security God
watchful_protector 0.04 ETH
Watchful Protector
money_maker 0.04 ETH
Money Maker
rainbow 0.05 ETH
blockchain_pro 0.04 ETH
Blockchain Pro
psf_supporter 0.001 ETH
Psf Supporter
nyan_cat 0.004 ETH
Nyan Cat
captain 0.05 ETH
clearmatics_ethdenver_2019 0.1 ETH
Clearmatics Ethdenver 2019
vaporwave 0.035 ETH
sustainability 0.01 ETH
iexec_pioneer 0.001 ETH
Iexec Pioneer
cypherpunk_mind 0.01 ETH
Cypherpunk Mind
moksha 0.002 ETH
trusted_contributor 0.2 ETH
Trusted Contributor
eth_hacker 0.01 ETH
Eth Hacker
gitcoin_tree 0.004 ETH
Gitcoin Tree
blockchain_engineer 0.01 ETH
Blockchain Engineer
blockchain_the_world 0.004 ETH
Blockchain The World
direct 0.004 ETH
release_early_and_often 0.004 ETH
Release Early And Often
gitcoin_sustainer 0.02 ETH
Gitcoin Sustainer
blockchain_utopia 0.01 ETH
Blockchain Utopia
eye_for_detail 0.004 ETH
Eye For Detail
grow_open_source 0.004 ETH
Grow Open Source
idea_person 0.004 ETH
Idea Person
data_savvy 0.004 ETH
Data Savvy
super_juggler 0.004 ETH
Super Juggler
sustainer 0.004 ETH
ruby_on_rails_master 0.008 ETH
Ruby On Rails Master
drupal_brainiac 0.004 ETH
Drupal Brainiac
ruby_gem 0.01 ETH
Ruby Gem
java_doctor 0.004 ETH
Java Doctor
linux_wizard 0.006 ETH
Linux Wizard
swarm_expert 0.5 ETH
Swarm Expert
swarm_developer 0.1 ETH
Swarm Developer