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12 Kudos available on mainnet
web_assembly_dev 0.015 ETH
Web Assembly Dev
helper_fox 0.01 ETH
Helper Fox
bug_terminator_bot 0.022 ETH
Bug Terminator Bot
bug_detective 0.04 ETH
Bug Detective
watchful_protector 0.04 ETH
Watchful Protector
bug_finder 0.3 ETH
Bug Finder
bug_eliminator 0.3 ETH
Bug Eliminator
squasher_of_bugs 0.008 ETH
Squasher Of Bugs
firefighter 0.004 ETH
bug_squasher 0.004 ETH
Bug Squasher
c_debugger 0.004 ETH
C Debugger
qa_ninja 0.004 ETH
Qa Ninja