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27 Kudos available on xdai (Switch to mainnet)
rpg_gitcoin_game 0.001 ETH
Rpg Gitcoin Game by @l-kh
yoga 0.01 ETH
Yoga by @l-kh
three_d_cube_room 0.005 ETH
Three D Cube Room by @l-kh
ledger_fell_in_toilet_weekly_mint_issue_4 0.001 ETH
Ledger Fell In Toilet Weekly Mint Issue 4 by @l-kh
capitalism_checkmated 0.01 ETH
Capitalism Checkmated by @l-kh
triangles_texture 0.001 ETH
Triangles Texture by @l-kh
capitalist_vs_publicgoods 0.01 ETH
Capitalist Vs Publicgoods by @l-kh
public_goods_mechanism 0.005 ETH
Public Goods Mechanism by @l-kh
tensorflow 0.001 ETH
Tensorflow by @l-kh
impossible_hexagone 0.01 ETH
Impossible Hexagone by @l-kh
effective_altruism 0.001 ETH
Effective Altruism by @l-kh
quadratic_triangle 0.01 ETH
Quadratic Triangle by @l-kh
3d_cube_room 0.005 ETH
3d Cube Room by @l-kh
the_empty_kudos 0.005 ETH
The Empty Kudos by @l-kh
hypnosis 0.01 ETH
Hypnosis by @l-kh
grant_public_goods 0.01 ETH
Grant Public Goods by @l-kh
gitcoin_planet 0.01 ETH
Gitcoin Planet by @l-kh
gitcoin_mechanism 0.01 ETH
Gitcoin Mechanism by @l-kh
gitcoin_transport 0.005 ETH
Gitcoin Transport by @l-kh
galaxy-brain 0.01 ETH
Galaxy-brain by @l-kh
lighthouse 0.005 ETH
Lighthouse by @l-kh
clean_air 0.005 ETH
Clean Air by @l-kh
pixelated_smart_city 0.001 ETH
Pixelated Smart City by @l-kh
authentication 0.005 ETH
Authentication by @L-KH
lady_robot 0.001 ETH
Lady Robot by @L-KH
cicada_3301 0.001 ETH
Cicada 3301 by @L-KH
gitcoin_tetris 0.005 ETH
Gitcoin Tetris by @l-kh