Gitcoin Labs is on hiatus.

2019/07/01 - After our friend & colleague, Austin Griffith, left Gitcoin, we are working on a community-driven research roadmap for Gitcoin Labs. Want to be involved? Checkout the Roadmap. or Get in Touch

Tools for busy Developers
Gitcoin Labs' mission is to make Ethereum
DApps fast, usable and secure.

Latest Research

Commit Reveal Scheme on Ethereum
Hiding Actions and Generating Random Numbers
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Native Meta Transactions
integrate signed message recovery directly in your contracts
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👹 Moloch Rises
Sandbox dApp for experimenting with Moloch DAO mechanics
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Counterfactual Loan Repayment
exploring predictive smart contract deployments
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Announcing Gitcoin Labs
R&D for Busy Developers
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Ethereum in Emerging Economies
Mass adoption will start where decentralization is necessary
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<handle>.gitcoin.eth subdomains
Make it easy for friends to find you on ENS
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EIP 1337
Subscription models for dapps.
Gitcoin recently launched Requests. You can now request a bounty on any Github issue!
This Burner Wallet runs on the xDai sidechain from POA, which means you can use it to fund other wallets directly in DAI.
Telegram Bot
Telegram Bot for Gitcoin Bounties (made by the community)
Discord Bot
Discord Bot for Gitcoin Bounties (made by the community)
Kudos Trophies
Physical NFT Artwork
Kudos Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt for attendees of ETHGlobal events, wherein they collect Kudos!
Virtual Hackathons
We've run a few online virtual hackathons in our day :)
BuffiDai Food Trucks
Attendees at ETHDenver 2019 could pay for food with a custom ERC20 token called BuffiC
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Meet the Team

Austin Griffith

Serial builder constantly curious about how we can make user and developer experience smoother in Ethereum


Want to join the Labs team? Start contributing on GitHub. We pretty much only hire those who we have worked with before


Gitcoin Labs is a community of Ethereum builders, providing research reports and toolkits for busy developers.

We welcome contributions and contributors of all kinds - research suggestions, useful tools, or simply sharing your ideas. To get started, check out our GitHub Repo and join our Slack Channel!