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Learn to build on a variety of Web3 protocols. Tag team projects with peers, and collect rewards while upleveling your skills. Learn while working on the technology that will shape our future.

The Kernel Fellowship for open source builders is an exclusive 8-week learning program that occurs 3 times per year. Learn the first principles of decentralized Web3 development, and make a lifelong network of peers.

Learn with your peers in social settings. Gitcoin is at the center of collaborative learning. Participate in presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions hosted by influential Web3 experts.

Learn by doing

Money Legos Hackathon

It's time to DeFi conventional finance by #BUIDLing DeFi protocols, DApps and play with the token standards of the future; giving back control of money to the masses.

Aug 8, 2022 - Aug 23, 2022

Sponsored by ledgerhq tezos-contrib platonnetwork bcnmy

LUKSO Build UP! #1

Build the next generation of dApps on Universal Profiles

Jul 19, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022

Sponsored by lukso-network

Algorand GreenHouse Hack#1

Algorand has partnered with Gitcoin to bring you the first of the Greenhouse Hacks series. Join us for this 4-part bounty series designed to grow new ideas from across the world.

Jul 18, 2022 - Aug 22, 2022

Sponsored by algomint folks-finance algorandfoundation tinymanorg

Join a community of life-long learners

An eight-week fellowship program designed to help you supercharge your path forward. Learn from the best! Status, Yearn, IdeoCoLabs, Consensys, DeFi Alliance, and many thought leaders in the space — all open source.


The objective of our syllabus is to start with wisdom, and work backwards. We’ll build long-term thinking skills, provide context and technical history, and introduce you to the patterns and modes required to flourish in decentralized, open communities like Web3.


In KERNEL, we also build. 75+ Web3 projects are built every KERNEL alongside peers and 100+ industry leaders. These projects are supported by Build Tracks (DeFi, Tokens, Gaming, and Security) facilitated by leaders in Web3.

The Kernel fellowship program is an opportunity to build relationships with a network of experienced mentors in blockchain.

Linda Xie @ljxie
Simona Pop @sim_pop
Sebnem Rusitschka @sebnem
Pranay Valson @valsonay

I’ve done a handful of these type of programs... but KERNEL has definitely felt the best. The community started at the top, has been so welcoming/ positive/ insightful/ AWESOME. Thank you to all the community members, and especially thank you to the team at the top, who’s personalities, content, and personal efforts helped create such a positive culture the last several weeks during KERNEL ❤️ I for one know that I will continue spreading the positive culture in everything I work on (myco).

Arya Soltanieh
Founder, Myco Ex-Coinbase

Arya Soltanieh

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