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Check out Centrality CENNZnet repositories here - https://github.com/cennznet.
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@centrality-bounties for cennznet: Tooltip is not showing properly in wallet connect page
Thank you very much for your contribution, Joel. We hope to work with you on more bounties in future :)
Thanks a lot for your contribution, Ashok! We look forward to working with you on more bounties.
Thank you for your contribution and patience. We look forward to working with you on more bounties :)
@centrality-bounties for cennznet: Update blocks page to fit on mobile
Thank you for the contribution @mul53! You were very responsive and implemented required changes straightaway, even though we’re in different time zones. We appreciate your work and hope to work again in the future.
@centrality-bounties for cennznet: Update Assets page to fit on mobile
Thank you, mul53! It was a big pleasure for our team to work with you again!
@centrality-bounties for cennznet: Update Error page to fit on mobile
@centrality-bounties for cennznet: Guide on how to call a smart contract from a DApp
GRANTS CLR ROUND 4 is Done .Visit Vitalik Buterin's Review of Round 4 to learn more about the bleeding edge mechanism design (and funding) being created through Gitcoin Grants.