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Explore. Learn. Battle Baddies. Win Rewards.

Gitcoin Quests is a fun, gamified way to learn about the web3 ecosystem, compete with your friends, earn rewards, and level up your decentralization-fu!

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Round 3 Challenge is now Live!

Whomever is in the top 3 of the leaderboard at end of day on January 30 will win a special 60 DAI prize and a very special Kudos.

2nd - 290.5 points

1st - 291 points

3rd - 268.5 points

291 points
290.5 points
268.5 points
246 points
211 points
178 points
159 points
136.5 points
132 points
130 points
122 points
120.5 points
113 points
108 points
105 points
100 points
99 points
98 points
93 points
92 points
85 points
84 points
83 points
82 points
79 points

The quests leaderboard is updated every 4 hours.

We <3 Feedback.

Gitcoin Quests has been played 20189 times by 1236 community members. About 23% of quest attempts are sucessful.
Quests is still in ALPHA and is evolving. Got feedback?
Let us know

Quest Content Squad Here; Looking for new Quest Topic Ideas..

Gitcoin Quests is by & for the community. As of right now 76 quests have been created; of which Gitcoin Core created 7 of them and the community created 69 of them. This means our Quests Economy is designed to be driven by the community. That means you ( yes you ) can help drive the roadmap!

Gitcoin Quests is designed to usher users through their *web3 a-ha moments* in a fun informative way.

Think about it..

76 quests = 76 a-ha moments
20189 quest attempts = 20189 learning experiences
69 quests created by the community = 69 web3 experiences gitcoin core didn't dream up

What were your web3 a-ha moments? What Quests Topics should we add to the experience?
Contribute a Topic Idea (1 minute commitment)

Our Roadmap is Decentralized. Vote on what we should BUIDL next.

We are proud to say that our quest product roadmap is open to all.. You can even vote on what we BUIDL next! Vote on Product Roadmap (1 minute commitment)

Want to Write a Gitcoin Quest?

The Gitcoin Quests Economy is driven by writers just like you...

Got a web3 a-ha moment you want to tell the world about?

Create a Gitcoin Quest. It takes 10-15 minutes to do, you'll get Quest Points and Kudos for every new person who plays your game, and best of all - you get to help teach people about web3!
Write a Quest (15 minute commitment)

Want to BUIDL a Gitcoin Quest Game Dynamic?

The Gitcoin Quests Economy is driven by aspiring game programmers just like you...

Got a retro game dynamic or game experience that you love? Want to build it into web-based educational experience? Want to earn some rewards (Quest Points, ETH) while doing so?

Whats the ROI?


About 161.5 Quests are played per day for a play count of 20189 total; There are 76 Gitcoin Quests, which are played by a community of 1236 active users of 32091 total; residing in 87 countries. The average quest has 229.4 plays.

Not to put too fine a point on it... but ...
32091 users = 32091 potential users of your game
1236 active users = 1236 probable users of your game
average quest has 229.4 plays = your quest could get 229.4 plays

BUIDL a Gitcoin Quest Game Dynamic ( 7-14 hour commitment)

Play Gitcoin Quests Now.

We'll automagically choose your next quest for you.
Play Next Quest ( 2 min - 20 min commitment)

Quests Stats are real-time (ish); updated every hour or so.

No kilobits were harmed in the making of this landing page..

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