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$19,842,830 of Funding for Open Source Software

Broken Down by Quarter

and by Type







In Q1 2021, Gitcoin facilitated $6.5m in value transfer. That's about $2989/hour, for every hour during Q1 ($13465/business-hour).

Since its launch in November 2017, Gitcoin has helped 23,155 funders reach an audience of 111,390 earners. Gitcoin has facilitated 332,448 complete transactions to 7,904 unique earners.

Gitcoin Platform-Wide Stats


Monthly Active Developers

(but only 1% of them create on-chain tx's)


Gross Marketplace Value

(332,448 Transactions)


Value Created/Business-Hour

(assumes 40 business hours per week⚡️)

Gitcoin Bounties Stats

Bounties are a way of delegating development work to the Gitcoin community. Place a bounty and do more faster, today.

14.2 Hours

Median Bounty Start Time

(after Funding)

9.0 days

Median Bounty Turnaround Time

(after Start Work)


Gross Marketplace Value

(from 7185 bounties + 6539 tips)

$21 - $75

Hourly Rate Distribution

(for most bounties; more details here)


Bounty Completion Rate

(after Start Work)


Hours Worked

(that we know of, at least 🤷‍♀️)

Gitcoin Grants Stats

Gitcoin Grants is like a crypto-style patreon. Raise money from supporters large & small, and earn even more from our quarterly matching rounds!




Gross Marketplace Value

(291993 Contributions)


No. Matching Rounds

(see the growth of these matching rounds)


Median Contribution

($36.04 Average)

Gitcoin Grants: The Growth Engine that Could

Quarterly Leaderboard

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59 Virtual Hackathons worth $2,755,178.

Open DeFi Hackathon

05/03/2021 to 05/23/2021

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Degen.VC Hackathon

04/26/2021 to 05/17/2021

View Prize Explorer

RSK Hackathon: Building the Future on Bitcoin

04/15/2021 to 05/14/2021

View Prize Explorer

Built to Explore - A Dream of the Future

04/09/2021 to 04/26/2021

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04/07/2021 to 04/16/2021

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Harmony ONE Love - Round 1

03/25/2021 to 05/03/2021

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Green NFT Hackathon

03/22/2021 to 05/07/2021

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Platform Activities

Hourly Rates of Bounties

Hourly Rates Vary by Bounty Size

$10 To $50
Bounties Pay
$10 - $41/hr
$50 To $150
Bounties Pay
$12 - $50/hr
$150 To $500
Bounties Pay
$16 - $59/hr
$500 To $1.5k
Bounties Pay
$20 - $83/hr
$1.5k To $5.0k
Bounties Pay
$42 - $123/hr
$5.0k To $50.0k
Bounties Pay
$63 - $555/hr

And By Skill

Bounties Pay
$18 - $62/hr
Bounties Pay
$17 - $62/hr
Bounties Pay
$20 - $66/hr
Bounties Pay
$20 - $30/hr
Bounties Pay
$16 - $41/hr
Bounties Pay
$25 - $62/hr
Bounties Pay
$20 - $50/hr
Bounties Pay
$20 - $74/hr
Bounties Pay
$20 - $62/hr

Top Quests

Gitcoin Quests is a fun, gamified way to learn about the web3 ecosystem, compete with your friends, earn rewards, and level up your decentralization-fu! Want to give it a shot? Explore Quests Today!


from real Gitcoin community members

Joe Dominance Index

Gitcoin is a double sided market of funders and developers. In order to jump start the marketplace and dogfood our own product, we've funded some work on the platform ourselves. The Joe Dominance Index (a portmeanteau of the Bitcoin Dominance Index and the name of Gitcoin's largest investor, Consensys's CEO Joe Lubin) is a measure of the percentage of work on the platform that is funded by us.


Feedback is a gift. Here are some anonymized reviews left from & to users on the Gitcoin network

Discord server is very helpful and active | | several days ago
looking forward to working together and dramatically changing the crypto space!;) | | several days ago
NAME is an absolute gem to work with. They respond to pull requests quickly, with detailed constructive criticism, technical advice, and creative ideas. | | several days ago
Letting the Amish know about BOND! | | several days ago
I may edit this PR post-submission: it is a little unfinished. | | several days ago
NAMEeat product, library works and is easy to use | | several days ago
Awesome bounty experience. A bit more work than expected but I learned a lot. | | several days ago
This was an awesome experience, and I'm really glad to have become part of this project. Let's keep up the great work :) | | several days ago
Too much config work | | several days ago
Had a hard time making it work on docker because of the documentation that is lacking clarity. | | several days ago
You should have work yet a week to create a quality code and documentation before giving it me to test. | | several days ago
He completed the job before even agreeing on working on this, excellent developer professional and fast! | | several days ago
The submitted of the bounty became irresponsive after a few emails. | | several days ago
The task complexity was greatly undervalued, I needed to do much more work to accomplish the task that requested. | | several days ago
This was very neat. It caught my attention and kept it. I was very indulged in this for hours at a time. | | several days ago

Coder Engagement Breakdown

    61% inactive

    22% active last 30d

    17% more active last 90d

Coder Community Growth

Meet software developers, futurists, and funders who are building web3

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The Path to Break-Even

We believe that companies, even those in the blockchain-ecosystem, should fully prove out their founder-mission-product-market fit & have revenue. We believe that software developers at Gitcoin Core need to put food on the table, pay their mortages, and buy extra hard drives -- and that we can do it while living our values; especially without become a rent-seeking-monopolistic intermediary. We're a little crazy like that! 😜 As such, we are founding members of the ETHMagicians Business Models Ring and are practicing what we preach; building a network that makes money to cover it's burn. Follow our path to a breakeven monthly runrate below:

    77.0% burn covered by revenue

    23.0% burn not covered by revenue

By & For 3-Dimensional Humans

Each user of Gitcoin is a 3-dimensional human, with a different background, skillset, life experience, communication patterns, and biases. Our Mission is to provide new & better economic opportunities to 3-dimensional humans, inclusive of all cultures and geographies, across the world. BUIDLing is global!

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TLDR - We're building a Mesh Network of Jobs

Each node in this visualization below is a person who has engaged on Gitcoin, and each edge in our is a transaction between two people on the network.

Want to learn more about where our little web3 pirate ship is going?

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Disclaimer: The numbers on this page are good-faith representations of the Gitcoin network, but are provided without warranty. While we strive to provide these numbers as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee their 100% accuracy. Do not make any financial, legal, or other decisions based upon these numbers.