Make Gitcoin your own by enabling the tools that suit your needs.


Accelerate your dev workflow with Gitcoin's incentivization tools.

Issue Explorer
A searchable index of all of the funded work available in the system.
Fund Work
Got work that needs doing? Create an issue and offer a bounty to get folks working on it.
Leave a tip to thank someone for helping out.


Take your OSS game to the next level!

Chrome Browser Extension
Browse Gitcoin where you already work. On Github
Chat Interface available on Github


Friendship, mentorship, and community are all part of the process.

Slack Community
Questions / Discussion / Just say hi ? Swing by our slack channel.
Gitter Community
The gitter channel is less active than slack, but is still a good place to ask questions.

Tools to BUIDL Gitcoin

Gitcoin is built using Gitcoin. Purdy cool, huh?

Github Repos
All of our development is open source, and managed via Github.
Gitcoin provides a simple HTTPS API to access data without having to run your own Ethereum node.
BUIDL your own
Dogfood.. Yum! Gitcoin is built using Gitcoin. Got something you want to see in the world? Let the community know on slack or our github repos .

Tools in Alpha

These fresh new tools are looking for someone to test ride them!

Check out who is topping the charts in the Gitcoin community this month.
Browse the work that you've done, and how your OSS repuation is growing.
ETH Tx Time Predictor
Estimate Tradeoffs between Ethereum Network Tx Fees and Confirmation Times
Get Mainnet ETH which can be used in Gitcoin or other dapps.
Bounties Universe
Bounties from around the internet

Tools Coming Soon

These tools will be ready soon. They'll get here sooner if you help BUIDL them :)

iOS app
Gitcoin has an iOS app in alpha. Install it to browse funded work on-the-go.
Firefox Browser Extension
Firefox version of our browser extension
Cold Outreach Email Generator
Disrupt recruiters with this recruitment tool
Mentorship Matcher
Matches Devs with Coaches
gravatar but for Ethereum addresses
Pitch Page
Matches Entrepeneurs to Coding Tasks
Job Board
What it sounds like!
<handle>.gitcoin.eth subdomains
Make it easy for friends to find you on ENS
Top Secret Project 001
We can't talk about what it is yet :)
Web3 Coding School
Onboard developers from web2 to web3 with these coding challenges
Cold Outreach
Cold Outreach emails that don't stink

Just for Fun

Some tools that the community built *just because* they should exist.

Repository of Ethereum wallpapers.
2018 March 22 - "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" - Abraham Maslow. Have you seen our revamped tools page?