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GrowTye@cvatchPixeth day 2:An #NFT is born.The first 100 people who RT follow and comment their address on the twitter post will receive this official mint of the Pixeth progress:https://epor.io/tokens/0x13a24ba31a6f81b4b4f8e9759b8bda49bd5904a1/1168#xDai #freenft #Airdrop #erc1155 #cryptocurrency #pixelart #cryptoart The Birth of PixethIt happened then. The whiteness from the nothingness. A humble canvas made its way out from the dark.They say life started by chance, but here I see sparkles. Sparkles all around. Red, yellow, gree… https://epor.io/tokens/0x13a24ba31a6f81b4b4f8e9759b8bda49bd5904a1/1168