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Rémy Roy@remyroy > Stakehouse - Easy to use tools for the Ethereum Staker community : Here is a quick update for the StakeHouse project!First of all, I will like to thank all of our grant funders. Your continued support is very appreciated.We have been very busy with our initials projects of creating one-click installers. Development is going along very well. The wizard added Windows 10 support and a ton of new features. The Stakehouse installer has been renamed to Wagyu.New projects and tools joined the StakeHouse family!- Wagyu Key Gen: A GUI assisted tool to create your validator keys- DecentralizedGraffitiDrawing: A tool to coordinate drawings on the graffiti wall- Port checker: A tool to identify whether you have the correct ports open (integrated into the wizard)We have way more projects and ideas than we currently can develop and support in a reasonable amount of time. We will gladly accept the help we can get. Come say hi in our #stakehouse🥩🏠 channel on discord!https://discord.gg/e84CFep