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prot-delux@prot-deluxvia Open DeFi HackathonHello everyone! A few days before the end of the Open DeFi hackathon I would like to invite you to avoid looking at the markets too much and focus on building. :)You are the architects of the future of DeFi and blockchain. Your efforts are making permissionless infrastructure and dapps more resilient and accessible so the next wave of adoption could happen.We will be thrilled to have you help us integrate the Mettalex commodity derivatives DEX with several scalable blockchain platforms, so users can enjoy low transaction fees and fast transaction confirmation times. Your support will help us bring commodity markets to a wider DeFi audience and enable hedging and trading on copper, iron ore, aluminium, steel scrap, lithium, and a number of other raw materials that are also at ATH levels this year.We are giving away $5000 in token rewards to support your efforts.Have a look at our challenge and join: https://gitcoin.co/issue/fetchai/mettalex-market-maker/30/100025619