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Staff Gloria Kimbwla@gkimbwalavia Open DeFi HackathonREMINDER!! Open Defi DAO day is happening on Friday, May 28th. OD DAO is a DeFi Ecosystem DAO, formed to launch the breakthrough DeFi projects of tomorrow and generate long-term value by building and launching early-stage financial protocols, applications, and tools! We will be featuring some of the most interesting DeFi projects emerging in the new era of multi-chain DeFi!You will get a chance to see more than 20 hackathon winners present their creations from Open DeFi Hackathon on Gitcoin, with over $200K in prizes by sponsors including Badger, Synthetix, Polygon, and many more! This event is happening via Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/dao-day---open-defi/register #announce