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• peth-yursick@peth-yursick > MetaGame : Dear supporters! Thanks to you, our campaign exceeded all expectations. The "Aspiring Funding Father/Mother" achievement NFTs are now all ready for you to claim them, find yourself on this list to see if you're eligible for one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lGaIQ0gvfpMVhq-bjOgE2HbnTdS3aN1lO_tdmB9od80/edit?usp=sharing For quick reference, it turned out: >100$ gets you to the Diamond league, >24$ gets you to the Platinum league, >15$ gets you to the Golden league, >10$ gets you to the Silver league, >5$ gets you to the Bronze league. - If you are entitled to one, message @MetaFam or @petheth on Twitter. - If you aren't, don't worry - we still love you! Seriously though, every single dollar counts and your support has been amazing. Most importantly if you want to stay in the loop on what we're building, how we're spending the funds or want to join our Discord or today's call; Sign up to the newsletter - all info is in there: https://metagame.substack.com/p/metaweb-connect-1