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adamant-al@adamant-alDevelopers, join in! ADAMANT JavaScript API v1.0.0 is here: https://medium.com/adamant-im/develop-apps-and-services-upon-messengers-blockchain-adamant-javascript-api-v1-0-0-f00922f5b00d —Reliable and convenient. #api #blockchain #messenger #decentralization #encryption Develop apps and services upon messenger’s blockchain — ADAMANT JavaScript API v1.0.0ADAMANT is a blockchain for anonymous messaging. It’s not the blockchain that makes ADAMANT unique, but the services that work upon it. ADAMANT is public, and each developer can write a program that… https://medium.com/adamant-im/develop-apps-and-services-upon-messengers-blockchain-adamant-javascript-api-v1-0-0-f00922f5b00d