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Staff Gloria Kimbwla@gkimbwalavia Building with Zilliqa: NFTs Made EasyOn May 31st @ 2 PM Singapore Time, the Zilliqa team will be hosting an AMA on their Discord Channel. Join and ask questions about their technology, their bounties, and anything else you are curious about. https://discord.com/invite/hezhqSU Don't forget that you can set up office hours with the Zilliqa Core team. Office hours are held June 2, 4,7, and 9. You can book time with the team directly. Hackathon Office Hours with the Zilliqa team:https://calendly.com/zilhive/hackathon-hanhttps://calendly.com/zilhive/hackathon-mervinhttps://calendly.com/zilhive/hackathon-arnav #announce