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krype89@krype89https://prnt.sc/13us38j....overcoming your "weaker self" and finally getting it done, oh wait or not?Now I have this "wallet" ... with the correct currency USDC and the necessary amount of a little over $ 13. But I have to realize that I am still missing something to complete the process. However, in order to be able to use it, or to complete the process of the transaction, one tiny but all-important little thing is of course missing. Of course, it is not enough to just pay for the fees, which is self-evident, but they must and can only be paid in the form of Ethereum. Now that the amount involved is very smal anyway, i cant only get req.uired amount Eth to pay fees cuz due to the circumstances for the purpose of the minimum purchase amount of Eth from the trader I can buy a considerably larger amount of it,,Not to forget that it is out of proportion to the minimum fees for which I only want to and can use this eth. Never before and 99.9% certainly never after. Wow, my head is smoking. #jobsScreenshotCaptured with Lightshot https://prnt.sc/13us38j