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phoebe@phoebepoon > LikeCoin - Republic of Liker Land : I hope everyone is doing well! Prior to GR 10 (June 16 (9 AM MDT) - July 1 (6 PM MDT) , here is a quick update from LikeCoin. :)*If you have supported LikeCoin (or other projects) on Gitcoin, remember to claim your GTC tokens. Do check if your wallet is eligible. Link: https://gitcoin.co/quadraticlands*Kick off LikeCoin chain, Fo Tan's upgrade in JulyThis upgrade will include the latest Cosmos IBC module and ISCN (Content Registry). Read the bi-weekly progress report: https://bit.ly/3vhlaw6* Launched the LikeCoin development grant to foster the LikeCoin ecosystem development. Link: https://github.com/likegrants*We were featured on Quartz and Cointelegraph last month about the idea of Decentralized Publishing and how it helps to fight against censorship. Link: https://qz.com/2008673/hong-kongers-use-blockchain-to-fight-government-censorship/