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coincashew@coincashew > ETH2 Staking Guides by CoinCashew : < June 2021 Gitcoin Round 10 Update > - First of all, thank you for your support since Gitcoin GR8 December 2020.With your support, here's what you've made possible the OG ETH2 Staking Guide. See the change log for the latest improvements.https://www.coincashew.com/coins/overview-eth/guide-or-how-to-setup-a-validator-on-eth2-mainnetWe maintain staking guides with your support! Consider donating with #Gitcoin GR10 πŸ™Œhttps://gitcoin.co/grants/1653/eth2-staking-guides-by-coincashewThanks again for your support,coincashew