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Dread Knight@dreadknight > Ancient Beast : Greeting beloved fans! If you haven't heard already, it's time for Gitcoin Grats Round 10! I'm putting quite a bit of time into verifying myself as a real human being (ikr), so that way whatever we raise will get amplified by the quadratic community funding as well, which is something really awesome. Hoping to raise at least $500 this round (including the bonus), that way will be able to finish version 0.4 of the project, all remains is fixing a show stopping bug with the online multiplayer feature, code the new playable creatures, playtest them and fix some ability bugs along whatever problems we find with the new ones. Coders are expensive and they're not easy to find, so I really hope you pitch in a few bucks, because those will go a long way for the project and with getting this out of development hell and start scaling up the project already! Love you all! <3 You can try the beta version on our website https://AncientBeast.com