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china111111@china111111Mieszko Czyzyk @miesz-ko> THX - Gamification in any app : Hello Funders! Grants Round 10 just started with a $650k matching pool. Thanks to your support in prior rounds we now offer integrations with Discord, Slack and Drupal (see links below) 💛ExtensionsDiscord bot 🤖 https://top.gg/bot/834083368370700299 (made using Gitcoin bounties)Slack app 📱 https://thx-protocol.slack.com/apps/A023F6LEGJ2-thx (made using Gitcoin bounties)Drupal module 💧 https://drupal.org/project/thx THX Bot | Discord Bots | Top.ggTHX Bot is a generous bot that rewards message authors with pooled crypto assets for every received emoji reaction. https://top.gg/bot/834083368370700299