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paipai@paipaipaipai > Ethereum Mail Service : I am an independent developer, I do not have a team, I am the only one, so I lack the funds to complete my bigger ideas and change the world.Because China completely blocked people’s freedom of speech on Bitcoin in June 2021, I became more and more aware of the importance of decentralized social networks, so I created this project.The Ethereum mail service is a decentralized social service. You can post any content on it. It will help you store it on ipfs and push it to contract storage. Each content release will become nft, which follows the erc721 protocol, and you can transfer or authorize it at will.ems is a token without any economic value, it follows the erc20 protocol, and its maximum total is 210 billionEvery time you post, repost, like, or comment, you can mine ems tokens as a reward.Each operation can mine one ten-thousandth of the remaining unmined volume, and mining is deflationary.