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Ju Chun Ko@daaab > BBFT Podcast Show - Season5 (NFT) : Greeting, all contributors:Thanks for your kind contribution on <BBFT Podcast Show - Season4> in GR9, we have lifetime funding received $2,599 in total. I'm sure we all benefited from the sponsorship you'd made. Don’t forget to claim your $GTC reward, which is currently worth a lot! Without your help, these can't be done:- Now we have 90 Episodes!! Approaching 100! - Launched 4+1 Podcast Cover Art NFT on Ethereum with OurSong.com , and 4+1 ArtDrop NFT on Matic- Dr. dAAAb is proud to be BINANCE NFT TOP 100 CREATORS http://bit.ly/BNBNFT100 - We’re experimenting NFT20 by tokenize Podcast Cover Art and ArtDrop NFT, stay tuned! One more thing! ✨ https://gitcoin.co/grants/2784/bbft-podcast-show-season5-nft ✨Our new project has been reviewed by GitCoin and is now available on the GR10 Grants area. We hope you will support us again and let us continue our efforts to promote Crypto Tech, Blockchain and NFT knowledge in Chinese!Thanks! Love,Dr. dAAAb