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BruceTheGoose@xbrucethegoose > NFThub [Panvala League] : And here's the to-be-expected apology for the double email, still haven't adjusted to line breaks not being SHIFT+ENTER. UPDATEit's bevause I think it's important to me that you're all aware of what we're doing - Since the last GFR > The website has had a complete redesign> All of the initially promised features are integrated and functional (though a couple still need optimization) > We've partnered with several DeFi protocols on the Polygon Network in an effort to cross-pollinate our communities and to motivate the DeFi and NFT communities to explore the respective other side of the fence. Most recently, PolyCat; the most utilized and largest yield farm aggregator on Polygon, and top 5 in all of web 3> We're planning to expand cross-chain soon for exposure | https://nfthub.xyz/blog for more info and details