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thetagan@thetagan > Dakar NFT Art House : Salut Gitcoin from the Dakar Tribe! We are coming to you live from inside KERNEL Block III for Gitcoin Grants Round 10. Thank you for supporting our mission to usher in the Tokenized Art Renaissance. For more about our mission, read our blog “Why We Launched on Gitcoin” or join us every Friday at 5:30pm ET on Clubhouse. Since the last grant round, our vision has become more clear. So, this round we are introducing a new grant, Opera Sneaker. Additionally, we are on the search for a Front End web developer to build the 1st version of our website. This will host our 1st NFT Street Gallery-- interactive NFT art available online and with QR codes found on Atlanta’s Beltline.Follow our journey by subscribing to the Dakar Newsletter: https://dakargallery.ck.page/8909938363