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• unitimeshq@unitimeshqhttps://blog.ethereum.org/2020/03/12/eth1x-files-stateless-summit-summary/ by Griffin Ichiba Hotchkiss, presents a review of the The Stateless Ethereum Summit. A Chinese Translation is here: 《以太坊1.x档案:无状态峰会回顾》 https://www.unitimes.pro/p/bb154bc2733e4de3aa8c2f26909a265f The 1.x Files: Stateless Summit SummaryThe Stateless Ethereum Summit It’d be a fools errand to try and provide a representative or objective summary immediately following this week in Paris – I and everyone else whom were present shall be… https://blog.ethereum.org/2020/03/12/eth1x-files-stateless-summit-summary/