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Andrey Petrov@shazow > urllib3 - Python HTTP Library : Hi there, I want to thank you for supporting urllib3 on Gitcoin.We are sprinting towards urllib3 v2.0, which will include our first set of backwards-incompatible breaking changes since... I don't know, like 2010? Wow. This will give us a chance to shed a lot of legacy code, a lot of shims, a lot of regrettable "features", and it will make our project more sustainable for our team of maintainers!Follow our v2.0 milestone here: https://github.com/urllib3/urllib3/milestone/6We're aiming to have this release done sometime before Ethereum's The Merge happens, consider it a race! The gauntlet has been thrown down.We're using funding from Gitcoin to onboard more contributors to urllib3 than ever before. Being able to pay people for their time has been transformative as we grow our reserve of high quality contributors who might someday graduate into being maintainers too.Follow our budget updates here: https://opencollective.com/urllib3Thank you again for your support!!